The power of “Why” and how to inspire and motivate people

I have always felt that the single most important factor for making people happy is to find what motivates them. Sadly, few leaders and companies succeed in this when it comes to their own employees. Employees, who they claim, is the reason for the success of the company.

I believe that people who succeeds in inspiring other people will have great chances in fulfilling their dreams, whether it is to create a successful company or change the world.

Therefore, my first impression when watching Simon Sinek perform his enthralling TED-speech was “Wow, this is so true! This is how it works! I need to send this video to everyone I know and care about!” A tiny moment later my gut feeling told me “Wait a second, if this is a recipe for success I need to keep it to myself! If I tell everyone I know about it they will probably try to make use of it and they will become successful instead of me.”

This gut feeling scared me almost the instant after I got it and as you know by now I in fact decided to go against it and “spread the word”. The reason for this is that this “knowledge” lies at the heart one of my strongest beliefs. The belief that it really doesn’t matter who gets successful as long as they become successful by doing something good. Whether it is improving technology or the world. Or both. All of us will benefit from it, even though only one person or one company actually will become successful, rich or famous by doing it.

So how can you make use of this powerful tool? Well, it’s very simple – just memorise the order of “why, how, what” and apply it to everything you do in life.

Watch the video. Be inspired. Go out and improve the world, your company, your neighbourhood, your family, or yourself. At least one person will benefit from it – You!

The use of words like feel, believe and gut feeling in this post was not (fully) intentionally used to drive home the points of Simon’s talk, but just felt right to use as they described my reactions correctly.


About Henrik Bergström

Software developer who loves to learn and share knowledge.
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2 Responses to The power of “Why” and how to inspire and motivate people

  1. Mike says:

    Great post!
    As Gandhi said: “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
    Watching the TED talk right now…

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