Apple “introduces” voice controlled assistant in the iPhone

In a previous post I asked if the iPhone “voice control” rumors could be the beginning of a new era in how you interact with your computer. An era I have been waiting for for a long time.

Well, now Apple has unveiled the new revolutionary voice controlled assistant called Siri.

Since Apple isn’t known for being innovative, but “just” very good at packaging existing technology into a sleek package I became a bit curious on where this Siri thing came from. It turns out there was an iPhone app called Siri released back in early 2009. From this video review, which looks very similar to what Apple is “introducing”, I would say that Apple just decided to buy this thing and now, almost three years later, decided to include it in the iPhone operating system.

A quick check on Wikipedia confirms my suspicion – Apple acquired SRI International, the company behind the Siri app, in April 2010. Wikipedia also tells us that the technology comes from a DARPA funded project called CALO.

If this works as well as it seems from the videos it’s great news, but it also makes you wonder why the 2009 app didn’t become an instant hit.

– Was it buggy?

– Is it impossible for an app to reach its full potential without being “integrated” in the os?

– Were they ahead of their time? If so, what has changed since 2009? More data available on the net now so that the searches Siri performs has better quality?

– Or is it “just” a question about marketing? And packaging of course…



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