How to know your life meaning (in five minutes!)


Having recently turned 40 I have, of course, been thinking a lot about the meaning of life and what I really want to do. A friend of mine is on a similar quest so we do our best to help each other and his most recent advice to me was to watch Adam Liepzig’s TEDx-talk.

In his talk, Adam presents a simple and powerful recipe for finding out what the purpose of your life is. In five minutes!

According to Adam you just have to follow the five points/questions below to define your life meaning:

  • Who you are? This is the simple one since it’s just your name.
  • What do you do? What do you love to do? What is the one thing, right now, you feel supremely qualified to teach other people?
  • Who do you do it for? Picture them in your mind.
  • What do those people want or need? They come to you so you can give them this thing.
  • How do those people change or transform as a result of what you give them?

Adam continues by saying: “The fascinating thing about these points are that only two are about yourself. The others, three of them, are about other people. The most successful people in any field always focus most on the people that they serve than on how they are served themselves.”

What affected me most when watching this video was when Adam demonstrated a very powerful way of answering the classic questions: “Who are you and what do you do (for a living)?”

All you need to do is start at the bottom of the list. Instead of starting with stating your name you start by stating how you help transform peoples life, then answer the other questions.

Adam gave the following example of what you can answer when someone asks you what you do if you’re a children’s book author:

  • “I give kids awesome dreams.” (How they transform)
  • “I write books…” (What I do)
  • “…for children…” (Who do you do it for)
  • “…so they can fall asleep at night,…” (What do they want)
  • “…so they can have awesome dreams.” (What do they want from you)

Very simple. Very powerful. Reminds me of the important order of “why, how, what” which Simon Sinek talks about and I wrote about in an earlier post.

Now go watch Adam’s talk while I start thinking about my own answers…

About Henrik Bergström

Software developer who loves to learn and share knowledge.
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